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Our house is over sq. My family and I are very satisfied with our Milo Wifi System. This is an amazing product and I am very happy with its performance. The installation and set up was quick and easy. I have limited experience using products like these and was happy with the simple Quick Start Guide. It literally is plug and play. The app walks you through each step, simple and easy.

Some reviews stated that the Milo felt cheap. Each unit was light, but the plastic did not felt cheap at all. The range is unexpected, we have a large backyard and have not run into any hiccups. The unit handled multiple devices streaming video at the same time, all at different points in the house. I definitely recommend this product. Milo is packaged very well. Not some cheap WiFi solution, but a well made professional product.

It has a small booklet of instructions to set it up. There are about 4 or 5 instructions, but in essence you plug in the Base unit and allow it to automatically connect. Once that happens you can plug in Unit 1 and once it connects plug in Unit 2. It is super easy.

I am a computer programmer but anyone non-technical could set this up. Also, in terms of feedback, I have Disney Circle Media. Miko works with them just fine--I had no issues. The only downside is that Milo itself shows up to Circle as a single device. This means that you have to set policy and time limits, etc, for everything that uses Milo. This could be a problem for some people to integrate with. We always had to reboot our network daily.

I ordered the three pack, although a two pack may have worked fine. Since we added Milo to our existing network, it has never needed to be rebooted. My network speeds have not increase greatly, the speeds are constant and dependable. My only beef is the android interface.

It pretty much functions on its own. Very impressed, works amazingly well and the price is great. It was super easy to install. The wireless setup works best, it gave excellent range.

Mylo Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals

Can stream music in our gazebo and by our fireplace feet from the house! Highly recommend this product. We recently upgraded our internet service to mb and thought that the upgrade would give us wifi in areas that wifi didn't reach in our house before.

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The upgrade made our wifi faster, but we still had areas in our house without wifi. We purchased Milo to try to help us. We contacted customer service and they were very helpful in deciding whether wired or wireless setup would be how to go. We set up Milo using the wireless setup and now our wifi is working over our entire house and even reaches outside, a good distance from our house. We tested the speeds through Milo and are currently getting 35 - 70 mb where we had no wifi before. My only critique was the company could do a better job explaining how to use the wireless feature.

The customer support was excellent. I do not normally write reviews but I felt compelled as I think the milo wifi system is a great system as it extended wifi coverage for me in my 3 story home. I am a cord cutter and wifi coverage is important to us at home.

MYLO (app for saving money) : PersonalFinanceCanada

For a long time, we've had spotty and sketchy wifi connections throughout my home. Except you'll have no idea if the amount you're saving is on track to meet your goal, whatever it is. Instead of Mylo "spend more, save more, somehow! I see what u mean tho but I feel people who think that spending more saves u more are well stupid?

They release your statements once a month, I think December is running a bit late.

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They invest it depending on what risk you allocated initially, if you were low risk chances are it's just in cash and isn't doing anything. It might be worth trying to get it invested in a heavier risk if it's money that you're not too worried about. Do you use it yourself? So my understanding is that they invest everyone's money in a certain number of ETF's I think one of the other comments here kind of touched on it - the app probably isn't meant for people who are super interested in investing it also isn't sheltered in a TFSA or RRSP so your earnings are taxable too.

The intent is to be used as a savings plan that you don't have to think about. Have you started to see anything yet?

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  6. I'm new and have had a ton of issues getting my account set up, from signed documents not submitting, to losing all of my bank details and having to reset You should also check out the app called Wealthsimple. Its similar but you put money in yourself and they invest it. Use my referral to get started;. Plus my bank charges a fee on top of that.

    So that seems like a poor business model for investing. If I had more money for investing it would obviously offset those fees, but then I would invest in something else.

    Mylo App (Canadian version of Acorns) *No MER* too good to be true?

    Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. While micro-investing has its merits, consumers also need to be mindful of potential pitfalls when using a spend-to-save strategy, financial advisers say.

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    Launched in July, Mylo is the only round-up investment app in Canada, the company says. The similar Moneybox app came on the market in Britain last year. Investment apps are gaining traction, particularly among millennials, because they like to use their mobile devices to have everything at their fingertips, from Uber to Airbnb, said Philip Barrar, chief executive officer of Montreal-based Mylo Financial Technologies Inc. Using the Mylo app on an iPhone or Android phone, consumers can open an account in three minutes, Mr. The main sign-up questions focus on their investment goal as well as risk tolerance to determine which of five investment portfolios — now mostly in low-fee Vanguard ETFs — would be a fit.

    The Mylo model, which allows for fractional trades in ETF portfolios, is similar to a robo-adviser but is still advice-oriented for clients who wouldn't get attention from most investment firms because they don't have enough assets, noted Tactex CEO Liam Cheung.

    Warranty & Support

    But there are plans to offer options, such as a registered retirement savings plan RRSP and tax-free savings account TFSA , as well as the ability to make investments using recurring deposits. Future services will likely include helping clients find providers offering the best deals on financial products such as mortgages and personal loans. Mylo is still a work in progress, said Dr. Some North American financial institutions, meanwhile, have a similar round-up savings program for their own customers using the firm's debit card, but don't offer a no-brainer investment option.

    In Canada, Envisions Financial, a unit of B. The savings can also be used to pay off a loan or line of credit, or be donated to a local food bank. The Bank of Nova Scotia, which launched its Bank the Rest program in , allows round-up purchases to the nearest dollar or five dollars. The spare change can go into a savings account or a Scotia TFSA where money can be invested in any kind of security. Steve Bridge, a fee-only financial planner with Money Coaches Canada in North Vancouver, prefers the Mylo concept to Scotiabank's program, where new clients have the option of investing either in a savings account now paying 0.

    A round-up savings program, such as one offered by Mylo, can make sense for someone who is starting out in life, but it's still a "very random approach to investing," said Mr. The drawback in investing from round-ups on debit- or credit-card purchases is "the potential for overspending" because consumers can rationalize extra purchases as saving money, he said. What if the round-up leaves you short for something else, like a pre-authorized debit for your phone, hydro or other fixed expense? But Shannon Lee Simmons, a fee-only financial planner and founder of Toronto's New School of Finance, is a fan of the round-up concept because it is "forced savings," and that can be beneficial to more people than just millennials.

    Taking those savings and then investing in ETFs, as Mylo is doing, is a positive step because consumers can learn about risk tolerance, how to deal with a portfolio manager and get their feet wet in the stock market at a much younger age than has probably occurred in the past, Ms. There is still a chance that it could go down.