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Then I may have kept the Painted Ladies a little too chilly because when we were walking down the aisle, they sat on the envelopes. It made for such amazing pictures because we took our time walking down the aisle whispering wishes to our guests butterflies. I loved the surprise of each guest when they opened their envelope to find a Painted Lady, but the Monarchs stole the show because they were so vibrant and huge.

Butterfly Twists promo codes

The butterflies looked so healthy and happy, it seems like they enjoyed it as much as we did! I'm so happy, you are welcome to post our wedding video with the release. Thank you so much for your prompt and personalized service!!! My butterflies were all alive and well and they were a huge success at both my wedding and my reception. I am so pleased with your service I will rave about you at the knot. I will also be sending you pictures as well for you to display as part of your advertising.

Thank you so much!!!! We got married on July 2nd and ordered butterflies for our ceremony. They definitely made the ceremony, which was Native American based-even more special. Its been 3 days since our wedding and they are still flying around our yard! Don and Melissa. We recently had a butterfly release memorial and it went really well. Butterfly Release Company did a great job of making sure we were equipped for a successful release.

They were easy to work with and reliable! I have already recommended this company to another person and I would use them again!! With the LocalSaver App, saving money on the products and services you use everyday has never been so easy. Careers - We're Hiring. Ratings from. You have already selected this zip code. Please choose another. This page was last edited on 1 November , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. November 3, digital download February 02, CD. Ultra Records. Empty Streets Haunted This s electronic music album-related article is a stub.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. My very grown up son especially - he has been mesmorised! It is such a simple affordable gift but probably one of the best that I have ever bought for them and we will definitely be repeating the process next year and purchasing for other children as birthday presents etc. I cannot recommend Insect Lore highly enough, the ordering was simple and the instructions easy to follow as detailed in the box but as well as this they sent me regular E-Mails to ensure we knew what to expect next and how to look after them.

Superb customer service! Have bought five of these over the years, even bought one for myself for my desk at work which was endlessly fascinating for the entire office. Of our five caterpillars wow they grow huge! So I would warn parents of smaller children to be prepared it may not be pretty if they don't all work.

Also there's this red stuff that comes out when they turn into butterflies that can look a bit like blood, but we just explain it away. The caterpillars don't come in the box. You get a certificate which you post away and you've to pay a couple of quid more on postage which is a bit annoying. Just worth noting if you're buying for a gift you should open it and apply for the caterpillars too or you could have some very excited and impatient children on your hands!

But great for adults and children alike.

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I'll continue to buy these yearly as I love watching them on my desk and they are super easy. This was such a fantastic buy and gave us so much pleasure for relatively little cost. My daughter is five and her class at school had grown some caterpillars to butterflies which she talked about a lot, so when I heard you could get these home kits I was keen to try it out. It was fascinating at every stage.

Obsession with Butterflies Coupons & Promo Codes

All our caterpillars became butterflies and we kept them for a couple of days before releasing them in the garden. My daughter loved it, she decided to keep a "caterpillar diary" which she wrote in every day and to which we added photos. The whole thing was a great experience in so many ways for her, and I have to say I was just as enchanted with it as my daughter. We were lucky enough to see one of our caterpillars emerge from its chrysalis. We missed the first four actually emerging and we were both so keen to see at least one my daughter decided we should "stake out" the last one.

We sat doing a table activity with the net in front of us and managed to see it! I was surprised how fast they come out, although once out they do rest for a long time.

Butterfly Twists promo codes February | hojusybo.ml

Recommended wholeheartedly. In fact we are going to do it again next summer. The net washed out very easily in some washing up liquid by the way, came up good as new. I bought this to show my two young girls where butterflies come from. It was well packaged and you could purchase caterpillars direct. However we had a new annual plant in our garden which I sowed from seed and it literally had hundreds of caterpillars on it. So I caught a few and set up my experiment. However I was hooked.

It was easy to replace the food source for the caterpillars. Just collected more leaves from the plant in the garden and replaced every day. After around a week they morphed into butterflies.

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It was mesmerising. I was so happy when I could release the butterflies. I will be growing more plants next year to get even more. D my little one had fun with them, and even took them to school on science week. We loved the whole experience of metamorphosis of butterflies. Please note on this amazon order you won't get your caterpillars delivered.

It comes in a small jar with food and 5 caterpillars. We had read quite a few reviews saying not all of them survived. When I said this my daughter she instantaneously said " mumma no wonder they didn't, as it's a cramped space". Children are just amazing: Day 3, the jar was covered in their poo and silk around it. We transferred them into a bigger box. A couple of weeks Hooray all of them survived and became beautiful butterflies. I would highly recommend this. Thank you amazon. One person found this helpful. Do not hesitate, buy this now! Bought for my daughters 5th birthday, and she and my husband and I have been captivated right from the start.

Read the leaflet, answers all your questions! You get the kit and then send off for the caterpillars.

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They can take up to a week to arrive, but it's fine. If you want them straight away, open the box,l before giving as a gift, send off for he caterpillars and await their arrival! See all 1, reviews.